Pick your Red Minute and win €600!

This week Red Bet is focusing more on the Portuguese Super Cup. The match between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon will be played on Sunday 9th August at 21:45 CET.

Red Bet has got for you something special – a challenge for those who are looking for the Cash Bonus while they betting. If you  €600 can be yours if you get your Red Minute guess right when you place a bet on this match!

In the 24th minute of the match between Arsenal and Chelsea last week the first goal was scored. Since no one managed to guess the correct minute of the first goal the prize pool Red Bet is making up for it and boosts the winnings for the next match.

Choose your Red Minute and win €600!

  • Place a bet of €10 or more on the match mentioned above.
  • Choose a minute of the game in which you guess a goal will be scored (for example: 90).

redbet minute

There are 2 ways for you to win:

  1. If the first goal is scored in the minute that you guessed, you will win €600!*
  2. If there is a goal (but not the first goal of the match) scored in the minute you guessed, we will give you €20.
  • *In the case of more than one correct guess for the first goal minute, the prize will be divided between the participants who guessed correctly.

More details at Red Bet. 

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